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There's some good things about Ackerman. I do get calls back pretty quickly when an alarm is set off. I've also never had any problems with the service itself. And I would say this is very good; it's what I'm paying for.

I would love it though, if you could order a replacement power cord over the phone. You actually have to pay $80 for someone to come out. And that’s fine, I lumped some other stuff in so that it’s not as much of a waste. But in all honesty, what I lumped in I’m surprised I would be charged for (a possibly malfunctioning motion sensor and problems with email notifications that I’ve called in at least 3 times about (within the 1st month of service).

In addition, all of my emails (within the website) have been left unanswered. The only exception to that was my request for installation (not an email back but a phone call). I would love to love Ackerman. But please guys, if you say that someone will be responding soon, respond soon! And I can understand that your staff is trained on following the policy, but having to send someone out so that they can order powercords (which I’m being charged for, on top of the service fee) when someone could have processed that over the phone? You gotta bend for common sense, no? There’s no reason to have someone stick to a policy that doesn’t make sense. Nor does losing a customer because of it.

Review about: Ackerman Security Systems Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $80.

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Tucker, Georgia, United States #658560

i pasted this over from word, so its formatting is all wrong. I can deal with all the commas and colons but that exclamation point gives the wrong vibe. And a couple of sentences are missing words.

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